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Arjun Sen is an author and a speaker whose passion for the customer has motivated thousands of business owners, CEOs, entrepreneurs and sales executives to identify opportunities for customer loyalty in their field. His presentations make it very real for brands to grow their sales, by focusing on one customer at a time. His practical realistic approach makes it easy to identify the one next thing a brand must do to increase revenue, now.

After graduating with degrees in Aeronautical Engineering and an MBA, Arjun excelled as VP of Marketing and Operations for Papa John’s, Sr. VP of Marketing at Jillian’s Entertainment, and held key leadership positions at Einstein Bros. Bagels, Boston Market, Pizza Hut and Tata Iron & Steel. Since 2001, Arjun has consulted with a variety of brands and companies that include Chili's, Chipotle, Coca Cola, DaVita, Dish Network, McDonald's, Pei Wei, Smashburger, and Walgreens. 

Arjun always looks at brands through the eyes of the customer which allows him to see the important and mission critical factors that brands often miss. His presentation will help you develop a clear strategy to grow your business immediately and over the long term.



Audience Focused: Arjun’s speaking mantra is “Every member of the audience, every time will leave with a feeling that Arjun understands my pain points and spoke to only me, today.”  

Preparation: Arjun is committed to deliver a custom presentation to your audience by talking to your team to get a more in-depth understanding of your business needs, and reviewing an outline of the presentation with key members of your team.

Content expertise: Arjun brings the perfect blend of corporate and consulting experience, and understanding of the customer to his speaking. He starts with a brand’s current equity in the mind of the customer and has led the ZenMango team in numerous consulting projects to uncover insights that has resulted in strong business impact.

Stories: Arjun chooses stories of past success and failures from his corporate and consulting experience to augment his presentation. He grew up with his grandma and shares lessons from her that resulted in the book, Customer Karma.

Passion: Arjun loves to share his message and this shows in every one of his presentations. The best proof of that is some of the raving reviews he has received after his presentations.



Arjun has spoken at the following types of events:

  • Loyalty Associations
  • Franchise Conference
  • Annual GM/Franchisee Meetings
  • Annual Corporate Meeting
  • Marketing/Branding Conferences
  • Leadership retreat/groups
  • Restauranteurs
  • Hospitality or retail brands
  • CXO Organizations


Arjun has received accolades for his speaking at corporate events and conferences, and prides himself on delivering custom keynotes, where every presentation is custom prepared for the audience. Here are some of most commonly requested areas that he can customize for your company.



    Aim high, be the category leader in the mind of the customer. It is not necessary to have millions of dollars of resources to get here; all you need is the commitment and vision to win big.
    Arjun shares what he has learned on how to Win Big in the corporate world; his stories of success and failures. Arjun believes that every brand should start its winning journey with every team member and with every customer. This micro focus is emphasized only by a true realization of the value of each team member and each customer; as each of them are building blocks of the winning strategy.

    Recently a top professional golfer shared with Arjun what was the equivalent of Winning Big in golf and how it is achieved. He said, “I practice hard so that performance on my worst day is at par or better than the performance of my closest competition on his best day. That way I can nearly guarantee a win, every time.”

    Get ready to be recharged and energized as you listen to Arjun talk about Winning Big. He will show you how it is simple by doing the obvious things that we ignore every day. In fact, you will realize that it takes more effort not to win.


    Customer Karma will enlighten your team about the concept of Karma and how it is critical to building happy, long-term profitable, customer relationships.
    The number one challenge for most brands is, how to they can be profitable without a big marketing budget. An average brand loses 25% of its customers every year. You must attract 30% more customers to get a net 5% increase in profit. What if you could reduce your losses to 20%? That would immediately double your profits to 10%. 

    Customer Karma will set you up for a lifetime of success where you will learn:

    • How to identify the true lifetime value of your customers.
    • How to see the Big Picture by putting yourself in the shoes of your customer.
    • How to identify your brand’s Leaky Bucket®. (This dives into identifying your leaks, prioritizes them and then how to fix the most important ones)
    • How to internalize how customers react to your product, your service and your brand.
    • How to increase revenue without big marketing investment.

    Customer Karma focuses on “building relationships” one customer at a time. It will illustrate how you can significantly increase your “per store sales” by focusing on only one additional customer per week. This insight will forever change the way you view your customers.


    In today’s fast changing world, brands face a simple choice: either disrupt and win big or be disrupted and get extinct. And these changes are happening at lightning speed. A perfect example is Blockbuster Video which had a revenue of 5.4 Billion in 2004; but was bankrupt by 2011. Blockbuster’s downfall was accelerated by disruption caused by Netflix and Redbox. The impact of Uber and Airbnb is bigger than their own revenues; car designs will change keeping the comfort of back seat in mind and homes will be designed making them Airbnb friendly. Brands must add disruption in their DNA, as this phenomenon is here to stay.
    Disruption starts with brands ongoing investment in their customers, understanding their needs and dissatisfaction and solving for tomorrow’s problems. It does not always need big budget consumer research but may start with simple customer observations. Papa John’s online, more than a BILLION-dollar brand today, started with observing how customers ordered pizza over the phone.
    Start your brand’s journey to disruption by immersing in Customer Karma, be enlightened about the concept of Karma and how it is critical to take the big leap in customer relationships. Arjun’s speaking will show you:

    • How to develop a deeper understanding of what customers are looking for.
    • How to see the Big Picture by putting yourself in the shoes of your customer and by observing them.
    • How to identify the true lifetime value of your customers.
    • How to invest in “problems customer would face tomorrow”.
    • How you can disrupt the category with limited budget.

    The speaking will take you through inside stories of brand disruptions. Bring your excitement and passion and you will leave with a roadmap to completely disrupt your category.




    You are not judged based on what you do but the perception of what you do. The question is, are you going to manage that perception actively or let others define it for you? 

    Whether you are a student seeking your first job, in middle management worried why you are not getting promoted, or CXO who is wondering what is next, Arjun’s insights will open your mind. He will share with you how to define your personal market positioning and when you leave, you will not need a workbook or a 10-step approach.

    No two brands are the same, and hence you will be able to create the road-map for your journey for your brand. All you will need is your commitment to invest in yourself, and have a blast doing it.


    In 2001, Arjun Sen quit the corporate world to be a dad first and start his consulting company ZenMango. He realized that one can do both, live and work, but needed a plan for both. In 2009 Arjun wrote a book Raising a Father, about his journey as a single dad. Initially he called it Raising a Daughter, but then he realized that it was him, the dad, who needed to be raised. 
    In 2015 his daughter graduated from NYU, got her first job and sent him a text saying,” I am a working gurl now,” marking an important juncture in their life and showing just how far they had come as a family. Arjun today takes pride in being a dad first and is one of the most sought-after consumer insight specialists. He has a grin of satisfaction as he realizes that he did not earn his professional success at the cost of being a dad. He chose to do both.

    Arjun Sen has enchanted audiences across the country with his best loved talk “Raising a Father,” memoirs of a dad challenged by his daughter to live for today’s special moments. Parents in any phase of life will laugh and cry with Arjun as he brings back the experiences that help shape us into the parents our children need us to be. Arjun leaves behind subtle messages to inspire and encourage parents to keep investing in the one job they will never be fired from, that of mother or father. At the end Arjun showcases that it is not just the amount of time we spend with family that matters, but considering the quality of that time together.

    If your work life is out of control and you feel you are putting your personal life on the backburner, then you need a PAUSE, and come and listen to Arjun. You will realize that you can do both, and it is very rewarding instead of giving up on one. Companies today also realize that happier employees work better and are investing toward that end. Signing up Arjun to speak on Work Life & Simply Life is one of the best gifts a company can offer its employees.


“Down-to-earth advice from a branding expert who will help you become a better person as well as a better marketing manager.”  AL RIES, Chairman – Ries & Ries

“One of the most ‘Marketing-Intelligent’ minds in the business today.”  BLAINE HURST, President – Panera Bread

“One of the best speakers I have heard speak on the customer experience and the customer mindset. Entertaining, provocative, and educational.”  LANE CARDWELL, CEO – Ruby Tuesday

“Arjun’s speaking at our GM’s conference was one of the highlights. His insights and knowledge in the restaurant industry coupled with his anecdotes and real-life stories really bought it home for our operators. They loved it. Recommend him highly!”  CLAY DOVER, President – Velvet Taco

“Wow and Bravo! Arjun delivered the perfect message that our operators needed to hear. I have booked many motivational and keynote speakers over the years, and Arjun Sen’s approach and delivery of our keynote address, “Raising The Bar”, was one of the very best I have experienced. Working with him in the development of the content was a pleasure … he listened, interviewed various stakeholders within our organization, and customized his unique content to help us take our organization to the next level. His blend of “real world” industry knowledge, combined with his one-of-a-kind personal delivery, created a sensational and effective message for our company.”  HOWARD TERRY, SVP Marketing – Golden Chick

“I am rarely moved emotionally by a keynote, but Arjun’s humorous and passionate message really struck a chord with me and our entire franchise family. It was absolutely game-changing.”   MARK JOHNSTON, President – Burger 21

“If you want seasoned insights, vivid examples, and to be competitive, talk to Arjun.”  LARRY ZWAIN, Former SVP Marketing – McDonald's.

“An unique perspective on branding that I haven’t seen elsewhere in the industry”  ANDREA EHRESMAN – Coca-Cola

"Arjun’s message was intelligent, entertaining and MOST importantly actionable."  KENDRA SHIER, Chairperson – National Restaurant Association's Marketing Executive Group



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The Customer Karma® book is at the final phases of its production.  The cover design is done. Now it is left to the publishers to do their share to make the book look good so that I can get the book in your hands. As I look back and relive every moment I spent writing […]



  • Enhance Guest Experience (Brand Promise)
  • Separating from your competition
  • Identify the brand’s message
  • Winning Brand Culture
  • Celebrating your win 

Let us together Brand Jump Start your brand’s journey to win Big.  Together we will develop a custom process that will put you on the path to Win Big. Your brand will be on the path to higher level of customer satisfaction resulting in sustained revenue growth revenue. This will streamline your brand’s promise to your guests and make you stand out in the competitive framework.

To make the win sustainable over time, this will extract elements of your brand’s culture and give you a road map on how to spread your brand’s culture over time as you grow. This will help you fine tune the successful traits needed for key roles, how to better recruit and train for those positions.

The Brand Jump Start is truly a journey of simplification and focus, that will help take the big step to win big. Winning is fun, winning big is truly fun; and your team will leave with a plan to celebrate every win on the journey to win big.

During my corporate days I have always focused on winning big; wins that have sustained over time. The Papa John’s tagline “Better Ingredients, Better Pizza” and starting Papa John’s online, the first online system which today is a $1 Billion a year brand; have stood the test of time.

So let us roll up our sleeves and get your brand on your journey to win big. I am committed to learn about your brand and excited to take you through a two day process to Jump Start your brand to win big. I can assure you that you will realize that this is one of the best decisions you will ever make for the long term success for your brand. 


Over regular meetings, Arjun will help you bring an outside perspective, a voice of reason and assist you in key challenge areas. Use a proven industry leader on your side, as your whisperer, to help you move to the next level of success.


  • Assisting with overall strategy
  • Bi-Weekly phone/in person meetings:
    • Voice of reason
    • Outside perspective
    • Brainstorming
    • Assisting with key issues of the day/week
    • Key areas to focus (Holding accountable to long term goals set)
  • Strategic planning:
    • Assist in building annual strategic plan
    • Connecting key functional goals to key organization goals
    • Setting goals in each area to connect to overall organization goals
    • Defining list of initiatives needed (by functional area) to achieve goals
    • Define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and develop organization dashboard
    • Plan to track performance against KPI dashboard
  • Board meeting planning and preparation:
    • Overall board deck framework development
    • Quarterly board deck preparation
    • Identify key board members who should get a preview of the deck
    • Develop “elevator speech” for evening before the board meeting
    • Post board meeting review
  • Immediate assistance on issues/challenges
  • Assist supporting team as needed: Stepping in to help guide and shape in areas as needed. This guidance includes overall vision development and tactics in key areas.

“Working with Arjun was truly a pleasure. He helped me achieve my goals and be a super performer. His strategic wisdom and tactical marketing experience is a true asset. Hiring him on a retainer was the best value in my entire budget. I strongly recommend him.”



Customer Karma, is a must-read for any business that wants to attract, effectively serve and retain life-long customers. Good karma is cultivated by heart-felt good action. When companies genuinely invest in their customers, they are rewarded with good karma of customer loyalty with abundant returns. This formula works with every relationship and in every area of your life. But knowing the formula is not good enough as Arjun emphasizes that Customer Karma is about action, not words. Businesses build good “Customer Karma” only when they put their customers first in all their actions.

Arjun successfully fulfills his vision of a poignant, fun first-hand perspective of what businesses are doing, and triggering thoughts on what they can do differently in Customer Karma. Arjun playfully crosses the boundary of polite business correctness to reveal the biggest vulnerability of businesses; not knowing on a personal level anything about customers they are pursuing or specifically what makes them tick. He connects businesses to dating and parallels the process of courting a date and should be a similar process to courting a customer. He brings tremendous value in his explanations of how to connect with customers in a way that requires awareness and authenticity.

As Arjun puts it: The book is written in a corporate language you can relate to. The business concepts in almost every business book I have read are brilliant, but when I was in the corporate trenches, facing deadlines and struggling with limited resources, business books never provided me with the solutions to my problems. Instead, I always reached out to friends who had gone through similar situations. I wrote the book in that spirit; to be your corporate companion.

  • Seeing the Big Picture First: Seeing the big picture helps one put things in perspective. When one does that, it is easier to put the customer first.
  • Understanding People’s Mind-Sets: Not all people are the same, and one person does not act the same way all the time. Understanding how customers react in different situations is essential before businesses should decide how to treat them.
  • Living Customer Karma Everyday: Customer Karma is about action, not words. Businesses build good “Customer Karma” only when they actually put their customers first in all their actions. A customer win results in a long term win for the business.

The book is available on Amazon.com and has received rave reviews.

“Down-to-earth advice from a branding expert who will help you become a better person as well as a better marketing manager.”

AL RIES, Chairman – Ries & Ries


Following are frequently requested files from meeting planners:

  • Arjun Sen Headshot: Download for WEB | PRINT
  • Arjun Sen Bio: PDF
  • Customer Karma Book Cover: Download for WEB | PRINT


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